Why You Need An Accountability Buddy

Holding ourselves accountable is one of the most challenging tasks. Why? Because we can talk ourselves out of anything. For example, if you have a goal to be more active but you get home from work on a Friday night and you’re just one episode away from finding out what happens next on your favorite TV show, it’s very easy to give yourself plenty of reasons why you must stay in and binge watch Netflix vs. go to the gym as you planned ahead of time. Right? Right. Which is precisely why having an accountability buddy is going to be one of the best buddies you ever had!

Holding ourselves accountable is hard and it's so easy to lose track of our goals and give into excuses. Having an accountability buddy will help keep you focused, motivated, and on track. Learn more about the benefits of an accountability buddy here! #accountability #motivation #inspiration #relationships #goals
Holding ourselves accountable is hard and it's so easy to lose track of our goals and give into excuses. Having an accountability buddy will help keep you focused, motivated, and on track. Learn more about the benefits of an accountability buddy here! #accountability #motivation #inspiration #relationships #goals

So what is an accountability anyways? Really, it can be whatever you want it to be. The general idea is that it’s another person in your life who shares a common goal or interest who will be there to help support and motivate you towards your own personal goal. The best part is, it can be for any goal AND you can have more than one!

I personally have multiple accountability buddies and each one of them truly helps me stay focused and on track with my personal, professional, and spiritual goals.

I have two accountability buddies for my business, and it helps that they’re also my besties too because it makes it that much more fun to check-in with them! One of them is my business coach who quite literally keeps me on track and holds me accountable through our monthly meetings, weekly action steps, and periodic check-ins. The other one is my business bestie/travel buddy/yin to my yang. What she and I like to do is set goals with one another each week and then check-in with one another during the week around how we are doing in reaching those goals. It’s so helpful because there are days when I feel overwhelmed or drained and then I see her check-in text and I am able to get back on track and process any barriers with her. Also, when I get a text from her about all of the action steps she took that day towards her goals, I can’t help but feel inspired!

I also have an accountability buddy for my own personal health and wellness goals. My oldest and bestest friend is my workout partner, so naturally she transitioned into the role of my “fitness accountability buddy”, too! Our flow is a little different in that we continually check-in about what our fitness plans are for the week as well as encourage and motivate one another to get our butts to the gym or the trail for a run! We are also connected on an app where our workouts show up for one another and we love to immediately congratulate the other on a job well done! It always helps after a run to have someone say “Great Job!”, no matter how slow I go! It also helps to have someone to text on cold mornings, when I don’t want to go to bed, to say “YOU CAN DO IT!” when I am quite literally throwing out every excuse NOT TO DO IT! We also send each other healthy new recipes as well as pictures of the plated meals when we make said recipes! It keeps it fun and it keeps it motivating.

I also have accountability buddies through my church as well. My faith is very important to me and staying active and involved in my church community is just as important. Being part of a group at church where we check-in and pray for one another keeps me grounded and keeps me focused on my spiritual goals. We often get so caught up in our daily routine that things such as prayer, journaling, and meditation get pushed to the side because we have “no time”. Having these regular check-ins with members of my group as well as monthly meetings helps me remember to prioritize my faith-based routines.

So now that you’re totally inspired and have decided you too need an accountability buddy, you’re probably wondering what the next steps are. Think about your goals. It doesn’t matter if they’re professional, personal, wellness/fitness, spiritual, or all of the above. Then, think of people in your life who share those common goals or interests. Next, you simply ask them if they’d like to be your accountability buddy! It’s literally that easy!

Having an accountability buddy is not only going to help you stay on track, it’s also going to keep you focused, motivated, consistent, inspired, and will deter you from giving into stressors, barriers, or good old laziness. Think about it, it’s easy to make excuses when you’re talking to yourself but when you have to tell someone else the excuse, it makes you stop and think about that choice a little more. Having an accountability buddy is going to increase the likelihood of actually following through and completing your goals! The more you are able to compete your goals, the more motivated you will be to keep setting and accomplishing goals! This stuff really works, guys!

Lastly, since I’m a therapist I will always shamelessly plug therapy because I truly believe in its power. If you are struggling with mental health concerns, a therapist is the BEST accountability buddy to have! They are objective and can help you create action steps and goals for yourself which feel comfortable and emotionally safe. Because let’s face it, sometimes telling our friends or loved ones our more personal thoughts and feelings can be daunting, which is why a therapist can be a great support when working towards those goals!

I would LOVE to know what spoke to you today and encourage you to comment below and share with me!

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