How To Make A Vision Board

What better way to ring in the new year than setting your goals and intentions in a fun and creative way? Making a vision board is the perfect way to manifest your goals and intentions for the new year and this blog post is all about how you can make your very own vision board! #NewYears #goals #2019 #visionboard
What better way to ring in the new year than setting your goals and intentions in a fun and creative way? Making a vision board is the perfect way to manifest your goals and intentions for the new year and this blog post is all about how you can make your very own vision board! #NewYears #goals #2019 #visionboard

2019 is fast approaching, which means it’s time to set your goals and intentions for the new year! One of the best ways to do this is to create a vision board, as a vision board allows you to physically see your goals on a daily basis. Now, you can certainly write your goals down in a journal, on a whiteboard/chalkboard, in your phone, etc. but a vision board is such a fun way to bring your goals to life! Not only is it appealing to the eye, but the process of making a vision board is so much fun!

Not sure where to start?! Keep reading! 

-Write down your goals. Before you formally create your vision board, it’s best to really sit and think about what it is you want for the new year. Setting attainable goals for yourself is key, and if you give yourself time to sit and think about what that means for you, you are more likely to reach the goals you set. So, take some time and write down everything you wish to accomplish next year. It doesn’t matter if it’s one thing, or 20 and it doesn’t matter how big or small, as long as the goals are important and significant to YOU.

-Be specific about your goals. Try and really narrow down specifically what you want for the new year. For my vision board this year, I split my goals into categories. I had professional goals, personal goals, and wellness goals, which helped keep me focused and organized. So, instead of just generally saying, “I want to run further next year than I did this year..” I was super specific and said, “I want to run a 10k.” Instead of saying, “I want to travel more…” I put the exact places I wanted to travel to on my board. Trust me, this works! Last year, I put the exact car I wanted on my vision board, down to the interior details. I could have just put, “get a new car” on my board, but instead I was very specific about my dream car and guess what? I got my dream car. 

-Have a vision board party! One of my favorite things to do is host parties/get-togethers and what a better way to ring in the new year than with your girlfriends! This year, I hosted a vision board party with my besties and we had the BEST TIME! Food, drinks, and goal setting. What could be better?! If you don’t want to go through the hoopla of formally hosting a party, then see if one or two of your friends wants to get together to create and cultivate! There is something to be said for the positive energy and high vibes when a group of inspired and motivated people come together! (Fun fact: We created a group chat following the party, to keep each other motivated and accountable towards our goals!)

-Decide what kind of board you want to make. Seems silly, but there are so many options! Last year, I made a virtual vision board, via Pinterest, instead of making a physical board. This was a great alternative because I had it with me at all times to refer to! If you decide to make a physical board, think about how big you want it to be. This year I decided to create a larger board, whereas some of my girlfriends created smaller ones. Will you need one board, or two? One of my girlfriends ended up needing TWO boards! Talk about inspired! Another one of my friends ended up making a “vision journal,” which was ridiculously creative! Think about where you want to keep your board. Home? Office? This will also play into what kind of board you get as well. For example, if you end up using two boards, think about where you can physically put those two boards. Remember, seeing your goals is part of this process! This is also why writing down your goals beforehand is so important, as it’ll help you plan appropriately! And remember, there is no right or wrong answer, it is whatever works best for YOU

-Gather your supplies! This is the fun part! Once you decide what kind of board you are going to make, then you get to decide what you are going to put on it. The easiest way is to collect old magazines, since many of us have them lying around the house. If not, head to the store and buy some or, ask friends and family members for old magazines they may have. Sometimes doctor offices or other waiting rooms are happy to give away some of their old magazines. Free pamphlets are also great to collect, which are also found in stores and offices! Printing stuff off the internet is a great option, too! Some other supplies to gather would be glue, tape, scissors (regular and the fun shaped kind!) as well as stickers and markers. 

-Center yourself. For me, prayer is my top way to center myself. Before creating my board, I prayed and mediated around what it was I wanted for the new year. I really took the time to ensure that I was listening to what God placed on my heart and not just listening to my own needs/wants. If you are not a spiritual or religious person, centering yourself is still applicable to ensure you are in a positive mindset. Whatever you need to do to center yourself, make sure you carve out time to do that before you jump into this project. 

-Make your board! YAY! Now it’s time to make your board. Pick a day where you know you are going to have time to dedicate to this. Do not rush the process just to “get it done,” but instead allow yourself time to really create and manifest what it is you want for the new year. If you find you are in an off mood, maybe wait and start working on the board when you are in a better frame of mind. Our mindset is a huge piece of this process and if we are in a negative headspace, that is going to be reflected on the board. Also, if you don’t finish on the day you designated, that is ok! Again, don’t rush this process, just pick up where you left off when time permits. (Fun tips: Make an inspirational play list to play while you create your board with some of your favorite music, light some of your favorite scented candles, and wear comfy clothes!)

-Have fun! Making a vision board is meant to be fun, not stressful or anxiety provoking. Oftentimes people feel pressured when the new year approaches as it’s easy to feel as though something needs to change. Remember, just because a new year is approaching does not mean you need to have some big and grand change for yourself. Maybe things in your life are stable and going well and your goal is to just keep that stability. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of things, especially with social media, but remember that your life is just that, YOUR life. Don’t compare your goals/intentions/dreams to your friends, family, or who you follow on social media. Focus on YOU. 

When we shift our mindset, focus on what we want for ourselves, and work towards those goals, we can truly accomplish anything we set our mind to. Don’t believe me? Make a vision board for 2019 and really commit to the process of manifesting your goals. Talk about them. Share them with your friends and family. Look at them everyday. Envision yourself doing what you said you were going to do. Pray about them. Meditate around them. Work hard towards them. And at the end of year, reflect back and see just how much you were able to accomplish. I guarantee you’ll be surprised by the outcome! 

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